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Company Name: Gaia Solar A/S

Member since: 04/04/2011
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Details about Denmark solar company "Gaia Solar A/S":

Country: Denmark

Address: Hammerholmen 9-13 , DK-2650, Hvidovre45

Phone: +45 36777976

Fax: +45 36777975

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Established in 1996, Gaia Solar A/S is a Danish company, which has, since its foundati-on, built up a position as the leading cleantech company in Scandinavia within the field of building integrated solar panel systems. Gaia Solar develops, produces and installs com-plete solar panel systems of the highest quality, specially adapted and tailored to custo-mer needs for optimal environmental performance, function and architectural integration.

As a company, we want a sharp and focused approach in terms of our customers and our areas of activity. In relation to the former, Gaia Solar wants to be a B2B company where customers include the state, counties and municipalities, commercial customers and modular housing/new build producers. Private customers are served through exter-nal distributors.

In relation to the company‚Äö√Ą√īs areas of activity and core competencies, Gaia Solar focuses on the fast growing market for building integrated solar electricity, where the photovoltaic modules are an environmentally effective¬¨‚Ƭ¨‚Ćand economically beneficial part of the roof and walls of the building itself, both for new buildings, renovations as well as urban re-newal.

Besides the Danish domestic market, a portion of the company‚Äö√Ą√īs turnover is created through the provision of complete ‚Äö√Ą√īturn-key‚Äö√Ą√ī projects in the form of solar panel system solutions and through project sales to countries including Sweden, Germany, Greenland and Iceland.

The business currently employs 14 staff and is owned by the management team.

Production of solar cells is now a well-known and thoroughly tested process. The basic component of a crystalline solar cell is silicon. Silicon is the eighth most common element in the Universe according to mass and the second most common element on Earth (after oxygen in the earth‚Äö√Ą√īs crust). The Earth‚Äö√Ą√īs crust is composed of 25.7% silicon according to mass. Silicon has many applications in various industries. For example, silicon is the main raw material in silicon semi-conductors and microchips in the computer industry.

The processed silicon is cut into ultra thin wafers with a thickness of only 200mm (0.2 mm). These slices are ionised and printed with conductor paths.

The solar cell is then completed and finished, and will produce direct current (DC cur-rent), which is then converted via an inverter into the alternating current, we know from the electrical grid.

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