Hybrid Fronius inverter SYMO GEN24 8.0 PLUS


WIFI Internet monitoring
Integrated high voltage battery management
Operates without a power network with or without batteries
Three-phase inverter
Excess solar production is not injected into the grid


Buy Hybrid Fronius inverter SYMO GEN24 8.0 PLUS at the lowest price – online only. This inverter is ideal for domestic self-consumption. This inverter manages your solar panel production in order not to inject the excess solar production into the grid. The Fronius SYMO GEN24 8.0 PLUS Power inverter transmits your data for free to the Internet via Wifi. You can analyse its performance online. You can activate the electrical consumables of your home remotely depending on the solar panels’ power production or according to a specific schedule. You don’t have enough power? This inverter can take from the electrical grid without power limit. Turn yourself into a fully independent electricity producer.

WIFI Internet monitoring: You are not at home and you want to check that your solar panels are working properly? It’s very easy using the Wifi Internet monitoring included in the Fronius SYMO GEN24 8.0 PLUS Hybrid. Data is transmitted for free onto Fronius servers. You can see the real-time performance of your installation on the smartphone app. The ideal solution for assessing the efficiency of your solar panels and batteries.

Integrated high voltage battery management: The Fronius SYMO GEN24 8.0 PLUS is an inverter suitable for the smart management of your batteries’ charging and discharging with high discharge power. The Fronius SYMO GEN24 8.0 PLUS is an inverter that smartly manages the charging and discharging of your batteries. It works with high voltage BYD batteries.

Operates without a power network with or without batteries: The Fronius Hybrid is an inverter which is capable of operating without an electrical network and with or without a battery. It runs between two sources of electricity: solar panels and solar batteries.

Three-phase inverter: Connect your Fronius SYMO GEN24 8.0 PLUS Hybrid inverter on your house to a three-phase network.

Excess solar production is not injected into the grid: The Fronius SYMO GEN24 8.0 PLUS is a smart inverter that regulates your solar panels’ voltage to fit your needs precisely. You configure this option in the inverter, if you don’t want to reinject the overproduction. You don’t inject any power into the electrical grid. It is now prohibited to inject the solar excess into the grid without a reselling contract

Additional information

Data Sheet

MPPT range : 80…800V
Voltage (Voc): 1000V
Start voltage: 80V
Max. input current : 37.5A / 18.5A
Weight: 24kg
Length x Height x Depth: 594 x 527 x 180 mm
Max. efficiency: 98.2%
MPPT Tracker: 2
Injection: Triphase
Max. input solar panel power: 12000W
Max. power from the grid: No limit
Battery Type: Lithium
Max. charge / discharge: 8330W
Battery voltage range: 160…500V
Internet connection: Ethernet / Wifi
Inverter brand: FRONIUS
Product warranty: 5 years
Place of manufacture: Europe
Inverter type: Hybrid inverter
Marque batterie: BYD

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